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Smart baby stroller IS-5

– Introducing you to the world’s first ecological, most secure, intelligent baby stroller IS-5. Let’s inform you about its’ smart features.

To use all the features during the walk connect the plug to the TeraWatt and press the power button

  • TERAWATT — plays any lullaby and is able to reproduce the voice of parents

Automatic braking

This feature is highly useful for walks on the hillsides. The smart stroller will look after your child if you get distracted and forget to put the handbrake on the stroller. If you release your hands from the handle on the slope, the indicator light will react and the stroller will automatically stop within two seconds.

Automatic movement

While walking on a flat surface, you can use built-in automatic movement. You just need to adjust the speed using the cruise control and the smart stroller will move near you from 0 to 4 miles per hour.

CRUISE CONTROL from 0 to 4 mile/hour

Automatic swing

Another an interesting and beneficial feature is the automatic swing. While the stroller cradles your baby, you can turn on a lullaby with parents’ voice.

Memory of speed and strength of swing

The automatic swing has a memory that remembers the speed and strength of the swing of your arms..

Automatic rocking cradle

Also provided automatic rocking of the cradle separately. It is very convenient, for instance, on a picnic.

Baby food heating

To always have warm milk for your child , use baby food heating, which you can get in a set with the smart baby stroller. To warm up any liquid, you simply connect baby food heating to TeraWatt and press the power button. After 2 minutes you can feed your child

If you have had electricity

If you have had electricity disconnected in the house and there is no gas stove, baby food heating and TeraWatt will aid you

compact and convenient

Istroller five will help you raise your child





plays any lullaby and is able to reproduce the voice of parents


Smart baby stroller

  • TeraWatt
  • Baby food heating
  • Automatic rocking cradle
  • Automatic movement and braking


baby food heating

warm food anywhere



Automatic rocking cradle

swing speed adjustment



Automatic movement and braking

with light indicator
cruise control from 0 to 4 miles per hour.

Frequently asked questions

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